This is me.

Often, if I’m not plotting to rule the world (lol), I’m based in Edinburgh as a creative freelancer and filmmaker or running my online curry shop.

I also make music, YouTube videos and run a neuro divergent creative podcast about encouragement and creativity.

My passion is helping others like myself to grow in their God-given abilities and seeing them overcome challenges in their every day life.

List of Skills


Narrative Writing

UI (User Interface)

Sound Engineering


Graphics Design


Encouraging creatives, companies and entrepreneurs to be their best selfs

Yes! I am Dyslexic and I have always been creative. For four years I ran a successful brand design service offering consultation in branding, design and marketing. My clientele was made up of local businesses, international businesses, churches, charities, creative individuals and entrepreneurs.

I have devoted my time and resources to using my creative skills to serve others through creative media using YouTube videos, game development, music, song writing, narrative writing

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